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Personal Brand Photography for Entrepreneurs and Influencers
by Valerie Mosley Photography 

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"People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories and magic."

Storytelling images are the quickest way to let your audience feel like they know you.

With a personal brand photography session, you’ll be able to kiss your outdated headshots goodbye and have a ready supply of images for your social media posts.

I work with entrepreneurs and influencers to strengthen their personal brand through authentic, candid images and videos. I’ll save you time by providing the kind of storytelling images that have been shown to increase engagement from viewers. Grow your personal brand by using them on social media, your website, print advertising, or wherever you need!

Professional photographs that tell a story are more memorable and sharable than headshots and snapshots according to the National Press Photographers Association’s 2015 eyetracking study.

A few key findings from the study:
  • Professional photographs were twice as likely as snapshots to be shared.
  • The importance of “storytelling” to photography was mentioned by nearly every subject.
  • Mug shots [head shots] get only a fleeting glance.

No more Instagram husbands, or wasting hours arranging the perfect selfie, and scrolling through stock photography.

I'll work to understand your brand and develop a series of photos that convey your message. 

Hate having pictures of yourself taken? Don't worry!  My clients prefer photos of themselves in the natural, documentary style that I love to shoot. Check out some of my work in the gallery below. 


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Hi, I'm Valerie Mosley

I believe that documentary visual storytelling is the most powerful way to foster online connections. 

I earned a master’s degree in photojournalism at the University of Missouri, where I learned to tell a story with photographs. I got to spend my days learning about the power of photography and trying to harness it. Inspired by the social documentary work of the “concerned photographers,” I wanted to make pictures that made a difference, even on a small scale. 

The highlight of my newspaper staff photographer career was earning Gannett's Photographer of the Year award for my work on a series that shined a light on child poverty in the Ozarks. It was incredibly rewarding when readers reached out to people I photographed because they felt like they knew them through my photography. 

I can't wait to use my storytelling skills to make people feel like they know you and grow your business. 


“I am not what I would consider ‘photogenic.’ Even on my best days, I'm never happy with how pictures of myself turn out - they just don't seem like they represent the real me. Because of this I'm always reluctant to have my picture taken and run and hide when anyone breaks out a camera - except when it's Val. Somehow Val always manages to capture my ‘good side,’ like she makes the camera see me the way she does, from a place of love.”

Jodee Glass

“We recently worked with Valerie on a video for a community luncheon, which was a fundraiser. Valerie was professional and a joy to work with. She was able to interview possible candidates for the video and pick the best ones for the message we wanted to convey. Her turnaround time, with requests during editing, was fast and efficient, making this a stress-free project. Thanks Valerie!”

Diane Ellsworth, Project Self-Sufficiency

“Valerie worked for years in journalism doing tough assignments. As one of the editors lucky enough to have worked with her, I saw her display not only a keen eye but ethical judgment, empathy and sincerity in her work, much of it prize-worthy.”

David Iseman

"People buy from those they know, like and trust.”

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All packages include commercial licensing. 
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